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Currently, the Cedar Glen is a small private farm located on the east coast of central Florida. Our horses have plenty of sunshine (most of the time) and enjoy spending their days outside.

Our Morgans are being trained for careers as event horses. One of our horses has qualified twice to go the USEA area Eventing championships. She can hold her own against some very talented thoroughbreds and big warmblood horses.


Keep an eye on this page as we will be moving and, of course, updating this page


Coming Soon
A Full Service Boarding Facility. We will have training for both English and Western riders. A covered arena is an absolute must for me; no more missed training sessions because of the weather!

Did you know
that Morgans are a long-lived, very healthy breed and suffer remarkably few problems with their legs and feet. They are well known for being easy keepers. They need a minimum of grain and grass as compared with most other breeds. Want to know more? Contact the American Morgan Horse Association for more info, plus their site has links to numerous Morgan farms, as well as Morgans available for sale/lease.

One more thing....
Braiding -- Morgans do not have to be braided for most rated shows! However, if you want the dressage judge to be able to see the horse's neck, a simple French braid, taking about 10 minutes, is all that's needed! (Unless you're competing at the top levels) No need to spend a lot of time with the traditional braids. Even less time is need to remove this braid!