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About Us

I grew up wanting a horse all my life. I tried to convince my parents that they could put the cars on the driveway, we could keep the horse in the garage and I could ride it in the back yard and the neighborhood. Life is really simple through the eyes of a 4-year old.

Reality set it when I was older and I got to ride some ponies and horse here and there but I never could afford my own horse untl I was an adult. That's when I got serious about learning the actual discipline of the sport and I got Kiwi.

My husband was a bit leary of her but soon warmed up to her. He's come to our shows and has a bit more of a competive streak than I do. He doesn't actually fuss if we don't come in first but is quick to point out the second place is just the first loser. Whatever! He's built all of the jumps I train with and helps with most of the day-to-day chores (like stall cleaning!! woohoo!!)

He can build jumps, hanging gates and fill-ins for you as well. Contact us for prices and delivery charges. Free delivery within 25 miles of our barn



Our Barn
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