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Watch Her

Kiwi (her barn name) is my first horse! No matter what happens, she will aways be with me. She is special to me. When I went looking for a horse and found her I was thrilled to find this gorgeous little 15 hand filly. Little did I know that she would add 2 more inches. She was in the Morgan calander in 2005! Not too bad considering how many photos that were sent in.

Every one that meets her or handles her is completely amazed with her atttude; nothing bothers her. I sent her to a dressage boot camp and the trainer remarked that the horse is amazing -- always willing and never in a bad mood. She has convnced die-hard gelding owners that mares are really easy to deal with. She is the epitome of what a Morgan should be; hard working plus elegant. My freinds at work love to come out to see her and pet her. They have nick-named her the 'Big Red Dog". I've put people on her that are (okay, were) afraid of horses and they had a blast riding her. Children are her favorite and most parents laugh when they watch their child try to get her to go fast but she justs walks with the little ones.

Kiwi has trianed with all sorts if people including Raplh Hill and Karen O'Connor. I gave her a bit of a rest from competition while I bred her to DJJJ Ebony Gold. Well, the baby is here now and getting quite big. So, it's bck to work for Kiwi and then back into the competiion venues. Watch for her results to be posted with the other event horses soon.



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