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Our Secret

Our secret for the way the horse look and their overall health is a combination of things including breed and genetics. As our home page stated, Morgans are generally very healthy and considered by most to be 'easy keepers'. However, the horses are vaccinated for the usual diseases plus rabies and 3 West Nile shots annually.

All that aside, Florida presents some unique situations that horse owners in other states do not have to deal with. Most of us have to make sure the horses come into stalls for at least 8 hours to allow their feet to dry in the shaving/sawdust. Without tthis drying time, their feet will get soft (old cowboy saying: no foot, no horse). Then let's add the fact that our fly season is 12 months long so no relief here when the fall and winter seasons arive; assuming you can tell the differnce in the seasons. Mosquito season is only about 9 or 10 months long unless we get a freeze (very rare). We go through gallons of fly spray every year

In an effort to combat some of the effects of the year round flys and other biting insects, I've tried many things but only a few items have worked for me. The horses are fed Cocosoya oil for horses. Any skin problems that persist are dealt with by washing the horse in either an oatmeal-glycerine or bergamont-tea tree oil glycerine soap that I get from Florida Soaps and Candles.

Numerous equestrian professionals has commented on how incredibly healthy my horses look. Most are surprised to find out it was only 2 simple things i added to the horses daily routine that changed their appearance and their overall comfort. Even if you don't compete your horse, if you live in Florida you should try both the Cocosoya oil and the soaps from Florida Soaps and Candles.

In addition to the soap for the horses, I get an old fashioned saddle soap from Florida Soaps and Candles. This saddle soap is made from a old-fashioned, high fat recipe and the natural glycerine produced by the soap making process is not stripped away to be sold off at a higher price like some saddle soap manufacturers . This soap is so good that it's the only thing that I use regularly. I don't oil any of my tack and the saddle soap does seem to keep the mold growth down on the tack that I don't use often. Besides horse products, the site also offers wonderful hand and body soaps and candles. If you like the brand name candles (no endorsements here), then you will love this site's candles. The scents are much stronger than the brand name candles. Give them a try for yourself!





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