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Watch This

Timely is Kiwi's baby. Her barn name is based on the first two choices I had for her resitered name. Well, either the first two name choices were already used, or the American Morgan Horse Association didn't like the first two because "'Watch This" is the name they selected of the three choices I supplied.

Timely was actually called Spot for the longest time since tha't all I could see on the ultra sounds of her. My husband made me quit calling her that about 2 week after she was born. Its a do'g name, dontcha know?? (his statment, not mine).

When you look at the parent's paper, notice that Flyhawk and Julbilee (known for size) bloodlines are in the parent's background; plus Senator Graham is also is this filly's background! As you can see, she comes from classic and champoin blodlines. The sire is 16hh and the dam is 15.2 hh so this filly should mature over 15 hh.




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Her Sire's Papers
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Her Dam's Papers
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